Check out our ‘Current Portfolio. If you have something else in mind, let us know – we can contact artists and handle commissions on your behalf.

Please look at our link of ‘Current Portfolio’ to see what we have. If you don’t see anything you like, that’s okay. Please let us know what artists you do like, and we can likely find a way to acquire it from the artist on your behalf for rental or purchase.

NO. There's No Accounting For Taste only brings you original works from the artist - no reproductions.

We request rental periods of at least 3 months (90 days), with discounts for year-long rentals.

As we bring the art to you, we need one week of lead-time from when you have placed your order.

Rental periods begin on the date of delivery.

When your rental period ends, either 1) renew your rental, 2) switch out the art, 3) purchase the art, or 4) end your contract. We’ll pick up the art directly from you.

We will work with you to set pricing both for delivery to you, and return back to us, and bill you up front for both.

No problem! All of our works are for sale, with prices and availability listed on our ‘Current Portfolio' page.

All of our rentals are insured, and we are happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.

We will bring our works directly to you at no charge provided that you are in Oregon and Washington State. We can ship outside of these areas for an additional fee. We also ship internationally. Contact us for details and shipping costs.

You can pay via our website, credit card or business check.

Please reach us at our contact page. We’d be happy to send you sample rental agreements or pay you a visit to better understand your artwork needs.