How does This Work?

There’s No For Taste

Check out some of our artwork available for rent on our Current Portfolio page.
  • If you have other ideas or artists in mind, let us know! We can contact them on your behalf or contract with an artist to source something more to your liking!
If you like something, Rent or Buy online or just let us know.
  • Not comfortable shopping online? No problem. Drop us a note and we’ll call you.
  • Regardless of how you wish to purchase, once you rent or buy, we’ll work with you to set up a personal delivery time.
  • You can pay online, by credit card or corporate check.
We bring the art to you!
  • We are Pacific Northwest local – we bring the art to you.
  • We offer consultations in the Pacific Northwest at your request.
When your rental period ends.
  • When your rental period ends, renew your rental, switch out the art with a new rental, or end your contract. It’s that simple!
  • When your rental period is over, we'll pick up the art.
  • If you're interested in buying a piece that you've rented, let's talk!
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